Dec 5, 2011

I learned about fatalism today. I don't really get it. No as me not understanding the concept, rather me not understanding how it is any more relevant than the concept of Hard Determinism. Those two concepts are so similar that when I read a description of each I had no idea there was any difference. The ladder is not only a theory that I've accepted a long time ago, but it seems more logical to me.

“you aren't in command of your choices and neither do your actions have any effect”
Hard Determinism
“your mind is part of the machinery of the brain, and acts a distinctive way because of this machinery and not because of your decisions”

Fatalism is a little depressing isn't it?

I saw this in the condensation on the window of a bus so I jotted it down quickly 

I thought about this kind of concept since I was about 8. I didn't really ponder it in my adult life until after watching “WakingLife” which had a scene that describes the concept in my head to a T. (It's pretty good movie about philosophy, very interesting visually movie, but has no plot and despite being an intelligent film I wouldn't say it's better than A Scanner Darkly) It is a strange way of looking at the world, but it isn't a concept that should actually change the way you act or think. There is physically no difference between a person who makes a decision, and another who understands all of their decisions are a result of their minds predisposition for specific choices. It's merely a way of thinking about the world, in my opinion similar to Gaia or Kharma.