Feb 3, 2011

WTF is up with these kids now a days?!?!?!?!

Part I in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:

Part two is here, and read the post that started this all here.

So, WTF is up with these kids now a days? It's not what I'm thinking, it's what Mark says, on his blog. Now, his blog post makes an interesting point he's saying society, popular culture, and youth are devolving into idiocracy.While interesting concepts, he's making two MAJOR logical faux pas.

fire colours for extra effect

and point 2 actually derives from point 1, he generalizes. 

How do those two points connect?
African American communities have had problems with crime and poverty for decades. You could definitely make the argument that they're genetically inferior people..........................if you're stupid! How could you make an argument like that, while neglecting problems with education, drugs, and racism?, all problems that compound over time.You could make the argument that genetics are linked to social problems, but now you're dancing around with statistics. 

99% of rapes involve men. 

Did I say they're perpetuated by men? No. Just involved. THAT's what I mean with dancing around with statistics.

Sugar drinks are linked to obesity.

Do they cause obesity? I doubt it. Do fat people also drink sugary drinks? probably. Even if you ban all soft drinks, it doesn't solve the problem. It'll just mean fat people will have to drink water or juice with their greasy fatty meals.

This was Part I in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:


Mihai-Edrisch said...

Interesting read. And I think that being rude while being true is ok.

metalpark_73192 said...
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metalpark_73192 said...

Nice, I'll stayed tuned for your next post to see what this has to do with me. Still respecting your opinions bro, supporting!

wiepa said...

Good info :D!
I'm also returning a favour, thanks for following me man!

Niko said...


*scratches head* I'm trying to find the part where mark speaks on african americans.

Unless, if I read his blog post upside down, it'll reveal itself.

I'll be tuned in to see Part II.

Dan Guenther said...

@Niko LOOOOOL, I should have know that'd be a problem. This part has little to do with him, it's just a setup for the logic in part two. I thought I'd split it up because it started looking like a wall of text.

Nick G said...

High sugar soft drinks are a factor in the rising obesity trend, however, the responsibility is on the individuals (or their parents, if minors to put them on the right track) to choose healthier choices. I occasionally enjoy a coke (mostly as part of a mixed drink), but I mostly drink water. When I first started as a freshman in college, I drank nothing but high sugar, high caffeine sodas to try to keep me going as long as possible. Switching to coffee and tea instead led to a big drop in weight (about 20 lbs), and I didn't change my diet very much during that time either.

Still personal responsibility is the bigger factor. People need to choose healthier options.

f0rwhatitsworth said...

what about all the energy drinks? kids drink monster like theres no tomorrow. that stuff is such a joke. we shouldnt need energy drinks to function normally.

Bob lehcror said...

Ha Nice spin on things good you're looking at English realistically mate

Gamerman's Gaming Blog said...

Interesting stuff. Girl rape?!

Duped said...

Girl rape, haha. :3

syxiv said...

Seems like basic logic that intro sociology courses in college teach you to use. At least, that was a big part of my class that the professor stressed on.

following and supporting,

Dan Guenther said...

@syxiv, yeah, but I see arguments like this all the time, especiall on tv, and it annoys me almost as much as you're/your annoys grammar nazis.
Also, I never took logic in college, so whatdya know?

@duped, women abuse children, everyone goes down the line

krgrief said...

Hey bro,really love what you are writing. Keep it going!

Mr. Hate said...

Interesting stuff. I hate kids now a day. I might rant about that in my blog actually! Thanks for the material!