Feb 3, 2011

Why Mark's Wrong About Everything, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Part II in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:
Mark from http://marksantsrants.blogspot.com
Part I     Mark's post     Mark's response.

Despite the length of the last post, I only made two points: 

  1. Causation != Correlation
  2. A part of a group doesn't reflect the group as a whole
Points Mark makes:
  1. Jersey Shore is a stupid show
  2. MTV is dumbing down america
  3. kids are stupid
While he is right that Jersey Shore is a stupid show, I say it isn't a disgrace to Italian American, it a disgrace to every creature breathing oxygen, their stupidity sucks the intelligence from us all. Ok, you got me there, MTV is making people dumber. But that's assuming people watch it any more. 

A friend of mine actually made a fairly convincing argument, that because of the rise of internet piracy, youtube, music video websites and so on, it took the majority of the viewership of music channels. So instead of watching hours of, less than invigorating content, one could watch the ACTUAL music video they wanted, and in whatever order. To be honest, I really don't think the new generation really watches MTV for any kind of programming. MTV never learned to be proper content providers, so they stoop lower and lower to get whatever form of viewership is willing to put up with them. 

My sister watches Jersey Shore, because it's ironic to watch shows everyone hates. Maybe she's a hipster;

*not an accurate representation
 I really wish Joy Berhard didn't spend every damn show talking about the evils of MTV. She should come to comprehend that MTV is about as irrelevant as it's ever been, and it doesn't look good in the future. That's what pissed me off, not just Mark, but anyone still discussing MTV, as though it's still the 90's.

Are kids getting dumber? Probably not. But a damn channel isn't going to make a difference.

This was Part II in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:
If you haven't already, go ahead and read part one, and the post that started this all.
Mark has even written a response.
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AugustineOfRhino said...

A little wary about stepping into the crossfire of your blogging war, but I have to agree that mtv can't really be blamed for the dumbing down of America's youth, and especially not in the time since they became largely a reality tv network. Watching music videos is not more intellectually stimulating than watching reality tv shows, in many cases it's even less so. I believe Mark is confusing the potential artistic merit of a medium with its capacity to educate. Then again, I don't think his post was meant to be taken seriously at all, so we're probably overthinking it.

Kinsata said...

Debate at it's finest. Hope you guys can find some resolution. :)


Niko said...

I can't stand Reality TV. But apparently everyone seems to like it because there seems to be a new reality show coming out every season.