Feb 1, 2011

My path of the last few weeks. As many people should know, I speak German. So when I browsed Wikibooks' German learning resource I learned it is only halfway done. So just with a bit of discussion, and after finding out most people involved abandoned the project, I was basically put into control. Just in time for me to abandon the project (LOL).

As I was reading up on wiki code, I realized just how little I know about javascript, something they used in their templates. I started to read up on it, one thing led to another and for the last week I was reading up on html, javascript, xml, php, dtd, apache, mysql and a couple of other web interfaces. Not only for the wiki, but there was a job available in Vancouver. I'm probably not gonna get it, but I might as might as well know the skills required.

Maybe sometime this month I can actually get my hands dirty with the wiki, and I would appreciate any help if there is any available. (And check out my user account while you're there!)


beyondthisall said...

Really beautiful language, German. :)

jake7291 said...

if you are going to try for the job, i wish you luck in getting it.

Looking forward to future posts

Dan Guenther said...

really? you think I should? tbh I only got html dom before getting stumped at php, apparently I need to set up my own server to get it running, and doing on my own machine kinda failed, so I'm installing Ubuntu server on an old laptop I have. I feel weird applying to a job I don't really have all the skills for.

metalpark_73192 said...

I seriously wish I could help you but I'm a noob with the internet and such but good luck bro. Following and supporting!

Noko said...

Well, I'm currently learning php on my own right now. I've gotten somewhat of a handle on things. I'm mainly working with php and mysql. Database apps kind of thing.

I have a windows machine so I just installed wampserver to do all my testing.

I found this link to video tutorials on php, hopefully it'll help. I found out about this like 2 days ago.


best of luck.

AugustineOfRhino said...

I'm really intrigued by your ambition to become an architect. You should blog about that. Who are your influences? What kind of buildings would you like to design?

D said...

good luck on the job.

and @beyondthisall - you trollin?
because I think German is like the worst.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could help but i only know java.....well i know some java hahaha

CrazyJuan said...

Ah, good luck with that. =/


Dan Guenther said...

@Noko, thanks, I'll be looking it up1

@AugustineOfRhino, I kinda wrote that years ago and I updated it up today without the mention of architecture. My interests have changed over the past few years, and I'm much more into app development now.

@D I lived in Germany for much of my life, so I couldn't tell ya. I would actually say inflection has much to do with it, an arabian girl can probably make 'alechmalech' sound sexy.