Feb 8, 2011

This one time in Nanaimo

This town's weird sometimes
Sorry about no update, getting back into the groove makes me realize just how time consuming 3D art actually is. Ah well, here's a bike instead!

Feb 5, 2011


It's my contribution to 3D Buildings in Google Earth, at least, I plan it to be when it's done, and it's only about a day of tinkering away from that!
Here's a reference of what it should look like:

If you're ever on the west coast, you should really come visit Port Alberni, BC, this place can be stunning:

Feb 3, 2011

Blobs, will you look at that.

Don't worry, I'll finish and post Why Marks Wrong About Everything, Part II: Electric Boogaloo some time early tomorrow. But to tide you over, here's a project I'm working on;
It's a remake of a video I made a few years ago, and I am planning on remaking the video too.

PS, anyone know a good way to make 'whoosh' sounds for the video? I may know 3D animation, but I don't know sound design.

Why Mark's Wrong About Everything, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Part II in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:
Mark from http://marksantsrants.blogspot.com
Part I     Mark's post     Mark's response.

Despite the length of the last post, I only made two points: 

  1. Causation != Correlation
  2. A part of a group doesn't reflect the group as a whole
Points Mark makes:
  1. Jersey Shore is a stupid show
  2. MTV is dumbing down america
  3. kids are stupid
While he is right that Jersey Shore is a stupid show, I say it isn't a disgrace to Italian American, it a disgrace to every creature breathing oxygen, their stupidity sucks the intelligence from us all. Ok, you got me there, MTV is making people dumber. But that's assuming people watch it any more. 

A friend of mine actually made a fairly convincing argument, that because of the rise of internet piracy, youtube, music video websites and so on, it took the majority of the viewership of music channels. So instead of watching hours of, less than invigorating content, one could watch the ACTUAL music video they wanted, and in whatever order. To be honest, I really don't think the new generation really watches MTV for any kind of programming. MTV never learned to be proper content providers, so they stoop lower and lower to get whatever form of viewership is willing to put up with them. 

My sister watches Jersey Shore, because it's ironic to watch shows everyone hates. Maybe she's a hipster;

*not an accurate representation
 I really wish Joy Berhard didn't spend every damn show talking about the evils of MTV. She should come to comprehend that MTV is about as irrelevant as it's ever been, and it doesn't look good in the future. That's what pissed me off, not just Mark, but anyone still discussing MTV, as though it's still the 90's.

Are kids getting dumber? Probably not. But a damn channel isn't going to make a difference.

This was Part II in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:
If you haven't already, go ahead and read part one, and the post that started this all.
Mark has even written a response.
Thank you for reading!

WTF is up with these kids now a days?!?!?!?!

Part I in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:

Part two is here, and read the post that started this all here.

So, WTF is up with these kids now a days? It's not what I'm thinking, it's what Mark says, on his blog. Now, his blog post makes an interesting point he's saying society, popular culture, and youth are devolving into idiocracy.While interesting concepts, he's making two MAJOR logical faux pas.

fire colours for extra effect

and point 2 actually derives from point 1, he generalizes. 

How do those two points connect?
African American communities have had problems with crime and poverty for decades. You could definitely make the argument that they're genetically inferior people..........................if you're stupid! How could you make an argument like that, while neglecting problems with education, drugs, and racism?, all problems that compound over time.You could make the argument that genetics are linked to social problems, but now you're dancing around with statistics. 

99% of rapes involve men. 

Did I say they're perpetuated by men? No. Just involved. THAT's what I mean with dancing around with statistics.

Sugar drinks are linked to obesity.

Do they cause obesity? I doubt it. Do fat people also drink sugary drinks? probably. Even if you ban all soft drinks, it doesn't solve the problem. It'll just mean fat people will have to drink water or juice with their greasy fatty meals.

This was Part I in the "Why Mark's Wrong About Everything" series:

Feb 2, 2011

Carrie Prejean, the forgotten superstar

Remember Carrie Prejean?, she's the pageant girl who publicly said (in front of Perez Hilton) that gay marriage is not okay with her. I for one forgot, until I stumbled onto her old twitter account. Turns out I was still subscribed to her. hmmm... Then why haven't I heard from her in almost a year? because her account has been abandoned since last July!

I've always been interested the concept of fleeting stardom, people that get the public's attention, and that's what people with folksy wisdom always say "one day people will forget that person". Like the creator of "Chocolate Rain", he was going to just go away too! Youtube has been good actually in the realm of keeping web 'celebrities', the subscriber system has been dampening the blow, and Tay Zonday, the creator of the video is still around. With a much reduced fanbase, but still around.

So what does it mean that Carrie Prejean isn't around? To be really honest, I didn't really look, she just abandoned her twitter account. And I always felt uncomfortable with a girl who's job it is to walk around in underwear, telling others about morality. So I'm kinda happy she's not around, she was getting on my nerves anyways.

I guess it's self fulfilling destiny, maybe she got tired of it and just decided to do, well, whatever she did earlier. It was interesting how I saw the whole thing played out, and people who say there's always too much stuff going on, hardly appreciate the complexities of the world.

Feb 1, 2011

My path of the last few weeks. As many people should know, I speak German. So when I browsed Wikibooks' German learning resource I learned it is only halfway done. So just with a bit of discussion, and after finding out most people involved abandoned the project, I was basically put into control. Just in time for me to abandon the project (LOL).

As I was reading up on wiki code, I realized just how little I know about javascript, something they used in their templates. I started to read up on it, one thing led to another and for the last week I was reading up on html, javascript, xml, php, dtd, apache, mysql and a couple of other web interfaces. Not only for the wiki, but there was a job available in Vancouver. I'm probably not gonna get it, but I might as might as well know the skills required.

Maybe sometime this month I can actually get my hands dirty with the wiki, and I would appreciate any help if there is any available. (And check out my user account while you're there!)