Mar 26, 2008


Recently I received an e-mail as part of my collection of crazy mail (please don't feel deterred in sending me these). It was a forward about foreigners, an accumulation that I've been getting recently more of in wake of deterring US security (I wonder what has happened in the meantime that did this, perhaps a lying administration) and economy in shambles. The message included a set of pictures and said "China has no food control, people just do as they wish. They as in the example, pick dead chickens, let them lie on the floor, and die them to ensure they don't look as disgustingly uncared for as they were." In continuation of the fair and balanced source of information, it said "don't ever buy food from Asia, who steal jobs from hard earning Americans and will give bad material." Usually I don't make my voice a broadcast of somebody else's statements, but this was so weird it had to be mentioned. I like the fact they make their only source some sneaky pictures (which in my humble opinion didn't look very realistic), and project this as, "don't ever buy Chinese materials" which then becomes "don't ever buy Asian stuff". Now, I perhaps don't know everything, but I do know that the people of Mongolia are perhaps slightly different in some ways from the people of China, who are different from Indians, Russians, Kazakhstani, Japanese or Philippine. Perhaps in response to this, the Japanese will write angry letters demanding no crappy computers are bought from America or Canadians to stop buying any of the horrid US beer or softwood. Each of the Asian nations provide a different aspect to life with a different culture and set of laws, making the region a large, vibrant chunk of the earth that has more than 1/3rd of the world's population. Perhaps I will get angry letters or comments from saying this, but it will take a little more incentive to convince me to shun a third of the planet, call me crazy.