Jan 2, 2008

let's help africa, by giving them shit!

Ok, this is probably not about africa, but more in a general sense all of the nations or areas of the world we try to help by giving money to charities. (Also for those among you who don't know, Africa isn't a nation, so I'm not going to help save the starving children in Morocco). I do have faith in some charities, seeing that my dad just retired from the salvation army.
Nearly every sunday morning I watch the long, perhaps even 30min+ discussing all of the many ways you can help and how many babies are dying and how you`re a murderer if you don`t give money, or if you`re giving money, ways to contribute to them, monetarily, and give them more money while you`re giving them money. This situation makes me think back to grade 8, when my english teacher (the best english teacher I`ve every had) told me for the first time the statement, "give a man a fish, you he eats for the day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life". Even though some of you will tell me off, I think that statement hasn`t rung more true than now, when these kids are starving and we get the option to give them some sidekick meals, where it costs more to deliver them from Johannesburg than what they actually cost. Considering a child survives into it's 20's through the food that was made in Nebraska, what is he/she going to do now? I mean without schooling there is little knowledge that the child has to survive and there are little or now jobs available because of the near bankrupt economy. Ok ok ok, there are funds that help out schools or orphanages, which will be considered a good investment in the future, but more focus needs to be put into the loans that are being given to independent businesses in the third world to help business. I think instead of helping the children in the ways that we have, I think helping the economies of these nations should be the first priority, and focus on the tariffs that are put by western nations against skilled materials is just a modern way of taking the resources from former colonies. We think we did a great job by leaving them to create independent nations, but the progress that would be necessary for these nations to exist as long and prosperous societies never happened, and in ways it was suppressed as it is now. This chapter of human existence is considered to be the most important than any, but different forms of suppression where we give the third world nations food and clothing, which is destroying their economies by undermining their food and clothing businesses. This proves that even though we all in the western nations like to pat ourselves as we look at all of the ways that we are becoming better and more socially aware, but I don't believe that the progress of the world in this era is not gonna follow suit in the progress that the world has been doing in the history of man and the centuries prior, unlike historians and politicians wish to believe.

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