Jan 7, 2008

Internet provides democratized media

Does anybody remember when the internet first initialized? They made all of these promises where it would democratize us, and we would have the power to access information at anytime. In a sense it did pay off. We are capable of searching the definition of any word or looking up encyclopedias of free information. The web always had a way of serving the flow of the many, but despite all of the great advances the new technologies gave flow of people that undertake them, we still seem to get dumber and dumber. Computers have turned into four figure wank machines, we don't go to wikipedia and look at paramecium, but prefer to youtube's 2girls1cup reactions. Perhaps it's better than MTV's the real world in the sense, instead of taking crap from the media Mongols as it comes along, we now have access to instant crap. And anyone willing to take perhaps half a day to figure out html seems to gain in the profit. So, I could say it's democratized sources of crap, and perhaps webcams can replace springer if it's controversial enough. Of course the most instantaneous popular people on the net are seen by members of the internet that have met with some of their own success and observe that someone can double the successes they've had, by the simple act of supporting the Spears woman. Some people just want a lot of people that were probably moving into a pointless direction to begin with, onto their site or user, watch their shows and read their blogs, with little or no connotation of their actions and don't seem to understand the short length of their success. Similar to Pokemon straight through Tila Tequila, they can't keep throwing ideas at us they have already been done, since we will only listen for a certain length of time to a new and exciting concept.
I just hope that more people take advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer, and make their voice heard! It is necessary that the input of people needs to be done before the internet becomes another way for the third party, for the elite to indoctrinate to us by removing the stupid majority from this new version of mass media as they say they must. People have the capabilities to say whatever they wish, perhaps they are able to say the wrong things, against the government, or even against western capitalism. I hope that at least for my generation that clauses are set up to ensure my voice isn't infringed.

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Dan Guenther said...

wow, amazing and awesome but then again again i am prejudiced.