Jan 6, 2008

Bhutan is probably the best place I've heard of

Well, perhaps there are some other places that are amazing as well (Lisbon is a beautiful city, despite the endless castles my mother tried showing me), but is a place i have heard of recently. His majesty the king of Bhutan personally started the movement of Maui where the government's job is to ensure the happiness of the nation (or national happiness). When I first heard that, I thought what is the point of happiness if not much gets done (a bit cynical, I know), but after some consideration, happiness is perhaps one of the most sought after characteristic of life, and it may be a bit of surprise, in particular to them, that not more national governments seek as a bottom line the happiness of the people they were appointed to serve. Perhaps it is the very bottom line that inhibits us from seeing perhaps the most basic and elemental part of life in a nation, which in a capitalist system is, well, capital. I mean, do the stockholders really care if the CEO of the company that they invested in is a nice person. We worry about wealth, which people have even before the appearance of money, a representation of wealth. It has become quite elemental to our society, so much we lose sight of the important things. The Christmas rush means that the happiest time of the year adds stress, since despite our promise to Santa, we all almost simultaneously lose sight of the Christmas spirit and think about the presents, an imminent part of Christmas, and go on a spending splurge, competing against other shoppers who want to spend more money on things almost sold out. I personally don`t like going shopping anyways, but Christmas is bad in particular, because is snowy, slushy, wet and Wal-Mart sells crap anyways. Perhaps our society needs to be stripped down to it`s bare minimum (similar to firefox) and revamped to try and make it people friendly (or idiot proof). Perhaps I`m sounding a little too Marxist for my own good, but for some odd reasons, it`s the simplest things ever that people need to pursue, yet they fail to do this because of all of the great things they can buy, or people they have care for or buy stuff for. Of course happiness comes with a price. The government has to consider all changes for the nation not only with gross domestic product, but also gross domestic happiness (gdh). The government outlawed many commercial advertisement including all ads by Coke and Pepsi, Bhutan recently in 1999 introduced television, but made MTV and world wrestling channel illegal because they do little to increase happiness. I absolutely agree (not only cynical of the dumb shows of MTV) since channels such as those try to reach people's attention with flashy gimmicks, and collect the money from advertiser that try to reach as many people as they can. But in empathy to what they situation of nation that makes those plans, I become a little rebellious, since I don't feel the government should take liberty over the choices I may make, bad decisions they may be. Perhaps it's a movement we should get in on, I mean the western society needs revamping anyways. Change is imminent, let's just make sure we move the right way.

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Dan Guenther said...

wow, what an asshole, does he really think we're gonna read this crap. This is some 12 year old kid sitting on his computer writing about stuff we frankly don't care about. He should just get off of the internet and do some homework, since his grammar is appalling!